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We know how important trust and privacy are to you.
​ Please read this page periodically when you visit Chekici or want to buy tow truck service. By visiting Chekici or purchasing the towing service, you expressly accept the terms of use of this site, the privacy policy and all current laws, regulations and legislation related to the site.

'Chekici': CHEKICI LOJİSTİK BİLİŞİM SANAYİ VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, www.chekici.com refers to all content including online towing service, Chekici online towing service services used in mobile phones and all kinds of similar electronic media.
'User': It refers to the person who visits Chekici and/or receives the towing service.
'Service' It refers to the user's purchase of towing service through Chekici.

Chekici Terms of Use
When you visit Chekici's site, some general, non-personal information about your visit may be collected and recorded. This information may include the time and duration of your visit, the pages viewed on the site, and the site visited just before coming to our site. This information is only used to measure site activity and to generate ideas to improve our site. Our site is open to all visitors.

Personal Informations
Chekici aims to be a website that will enrich with the participation of its members and that offers a sharing and participating attractive service. In this regard, in order to get to know you and to follow your preferences, you may be asked to share personal information about yourself and your interests while registering on our site.

This information, which you will share with us by giving your consent if you wish, will only be shared with the institutions/companies from which you want to receive service, and will not be shared with any other person or company, provided that you receive the towing service. In addition, the information you share with Chekici will only be used to provide news and events related to your interests, and to inform you about the innovations and events on our site.

Sharing your personal information with us and becoming a member of our site will be done with your request and approval. If you wish, you can update your information on the site and revoke your e-mail communication confirmations. In every case we request information from you, we will clearly define the information we want you to provide, giving you the right to change or cancel this information and inform you how it will be used.

Change Rights Chekici reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use and privacy policy at any time within the developing conditions. Chekici may make new additions to the Terms of Use at any time, including adding a service fee.

As soon as these additions, changes, arrangements, or cancellations are announced, they will be published on chekici.com, and notifications will be made by the most effective methods in line with the information provided by the User during registration.

For this reason, the information given during registration must be correct in order to notify the User of relevant developments, otherwise all responsibility will belong to the User. By using Chekici, the user is deemed to have accepted these possible changes and regulations.

Protection of Informations
Chekici does not host any personal information about you on its website. The information stored is purely statistical information and does not contain any personal information. All your personal information is stored in a secure area. ​

If a third party files a subpoena or other legal document requesting disclosure of your identity, every reasonable effort will be made to notify you using your most recent address in our files.

In this case, Chekici will not be responsible if your contact information in the records is not up-to-date or if we are unable to notify you in other ways. Chekici may, in the cases listed below, deviate from these provisions and disclose the information of the users to third parties. These situations are;

  • Law, Decree, Regulation etc. In cases where it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the legal rules enacted and in force by the competent legal authorities,
  • Cases regarding the fulfillment of the requirements of the contracts between Chekici and its users and their implementation,
  • In cases where information about users is requested in line with an investigation or investigation conducted by authorized administrative and/or judicial authorities in accordance with the rules of law and procedure,
  • These are the cases where it is necessary to provide information in order to protect the rights or security of the users.
In the event of bankruptcy, appointment of trustee or other transfer of ownership, your contact information will be transferred to the successor.

Provided Contents and Other Website Links
Some parts of the content offered by Chekici are provided by third parties. In cases where the thought, advice, service, suggestion and other content specified on the site are third parties, Chekici is not responsible for the integrity, usefulness and accuracy of this information. ​

In addition, this site may contain links to other sites. Chekici may provide links to other sites within the site. Chekici may publish advertisements and/or application forms for various services of contracted third parties, and may direct users to the site of the advertiser or third parties through these forms and advertisements.

Chekici is not responsible for the security of the user's passwords and accounts on the third party sites to which it provides a link. Chekici is not responsible for the privacy practices, contents of other websites accessed through this link, or the privacy policies and practices of third parties.

Related Institutions, Cancellations, Postponements and Refunds
Chekici does not give any specific guarantee regarding the service it provides, including the guarantee of the manufacturing company, the guarantee of average quality, the guarantee of loading, storage, transportation, post-transportation. The site and its content are provided on an 'as is' basis.

For various reasons, the service may not be provided to the user or be delayed. Chekici is not responsible for any cancellation of the service. In such cases, you should contact Chekici to get detailed information.

Chekici and Chekici's partners, employees or content providers cannot be held responsible for possible errors and unintentional omissions, faults or lack of knowledge, interruption or delay incurred by the user, regardless of the reason and duration. All these organizations or persons do not accept liability for third party claims for damages or losses, punitive damages or indirect damages.

User Relationships
Chekici users have the option to get more information and opt out of membership. KRegistered users can change or update their membership preferences or membership information at any time. Users can also close their user accounts at any time.

Chekici, does not accept any responsibility for error, cancellation or delay of any expedition, communication interruption, computer virus, any damage or loss resulting from loading, storage, transportation.

The user agrees that Chekici cannot be held responsible for the illegal and offensive behavior and insults of other users. Although Chekici reserves the right to cancel the membership of users who do not comply with the general moral and social rules, the User is responsible for any damage that may occur from such relationships. The Chekici membership system is for individual use. Users who are understood to have abused this system for commercial use will be warned and their points will be deleted, and their membership will be terminated if repeated. ​

When the user wants to contact Chekici, he will be able to use the following ways.

E-Mail: destek@chekici.com
Trade Registration Number: 257018-5
Tax Office: HALKALI
Central Registration System Number: 0612137644400001

Intellectual Property Rights
Chekici contains information and materials, some of which belong to itself and some of which belong to third parties and the subject of copyright, including text, photographs, graphics, sound and music. CChekici owns the copyright to this content, information and materials as a work/compilation. The user accepts that he has the right to copy for personal use only and cannot make changes, copy, reproduce, publish, sell or help illegal use of the content and materials without the written consent of Chekici.

At the same time, the User agrees not to use any tool, software or method to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of Chekici. Chekici reserves the right to use legal sanctions against any unauthorized intervention and/or application.

By using the site, the user accepts that if any conflict arises regarding the site, this conflict will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and will be resolved in accordance with these laws. Chekici is constantly researching the latest and best measures and trying to implement effective solutions in order to keep the security of its Users at the highest level. Our aim is to provide you with quality service in the best and safest way. Best Regards.
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